Claims Management - Claims Insurance

Need Help in Managing Your Claims?

Have you run out of time to manage your claim? Do you lack the expert knowledge to manage it yourself? Your Insurer is requesting a mountain of information that will take years just to find it? Your current broker is dragging his feet or has come to an impasse? Don’t know how to maximise your insurance claims? Whatever the reason – you need help in managing a current claim and you need it now...


Claims Management - Claims Insurance

Why should we use SHC?
SHC is an Australian National Insurance Brokerage with a focus on innovative solutions and personalised service. With an SHC broker on your side, you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible insurance outcome available managing and supervising your claim. Join the masses of clients that have reaped the benefit of engaging SHC to manage their claims to an acceptable outcome.

SHC takes pride in having a reputation of professional expertise coupled with an efficiency that makes it easy for clients to get exactly what they need. At SHC, we want to help clients succeed. Whatever the reason, SHC has been very successful in obtaining the outcome you desire. Whether that is to expedite the insurance claims or to maximise the payout, or simple to manage its complicity. Let us show you, and take some of the heavy burden off your shoulders that is associated with a potential financial loss. After all we have well over 20 years experience in dealing with these matters.

It is a very simple process to enable SHC to help you;

  • After the initial discussion and you feel comfortable - Appoint SHC as your Broker so we are authorised to liaise with your Insurer. This may not be possible in all cases where an Insurer does not deal with brokers. If this is the case we have other solutions. To appoint us as your Broker, it is as simple as signing a form we provide you.
  • Provide us with your Policy Schedule and Policy Wording and your claim form, or details of your claim. You should have these documents stored somewhere (hopefully by email) as under legislation the Insurer has to give you these documents.
  • We will then quickly appraise whether what type of attention is required on your claim, and notify you of our findings for FREE (up to one hour of our time). We will also estimate the amount of time it will take to liaise with your Insurer. Please note that this can be done in stages.
  • If you agree with our initial findings, you will then have to agree to our remuneration schedule, which is basically $150 per hour plus GST.
  • Then our professional operations will start working on your claim with a view of an acceptable settlement to your performance criteria.

To start this easy process please contact our friendly staff on 02 9806 2000 or to email us - please use our Contact form here. For Peace of Mind - Contact us today.