Compliance Statement

Statement of Advice – (SoA)
Retail Clients are entitled to receive a Statement of Advice (SOA) whenever we provide you with any personal advice, that takes into account your objectives, financial situation and needs. The SOA will contain information about remuneration and/or other benefits we may receive and any interests or associations we may have that may influence us in providing this advice.

General Advice
General Advice is provided where we have not considered your personal circumstances, objectives or financial situation in recommending a Retail product. Where general advice has been given, we will provide you with a general advice warning at the time of giving this information which you will need to consider when deciding whether it fits your individual needs and circumstances.

Where general advice is provided we are not required to provide you with an SoA outlining information about the ($) amount and/or description of fees or commissions. You may however request this information from our office within a reasonable time after receiving your Tax Invoice. Product disclosure statement- (PDS)

If we offer to arrange the issue of an insurance policy to you, we will also provide you with, or pass on to you, a product disclosure statement (PDS) or short-form PDS, unless you already have an up to date PDS or short-form PDS from the insurer. The PDS or short-form PDS will contain information about the particular policy which will enable you to make an informed decision about purchasing that policy.

Insurance Providers
When you ask us to recommend an Insurance policy for you, we usually only consider the policies offered by the Insurance providers that we deal with regularly. In giving advice in relation to costs and terms of the recommended product, we have only compared those costs and terms against the panel of Insurance
Providers we regularly use. This panel is reviewed annually to ensure the best available terms are offered. When we consider your renewal, we will generally only seek alternate terms if your premium has increased greater than 15% or there have been changes in policy coverage that may affect your circumstances.

From when does this FSG apply?
This FSG applies from 2 November 2008 and remains valid unless a further FSG is issued to replace it. We may give you a supplementary FSG. It will not replace this FSG but will cover services not covered by this FSG. Who is responsible for the Financial Services? Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd (the licensee) is responsible for the financial services that will be provided to you or through you to your family members, including the distribution of this FSG. Savill Hicks Corp Pty holds a current Australian Financial Services Licensee no: 240867.

Who will be providing the financial service to you?

The financial services are to be provided by a representative of Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd. Savil Hicks Corp Pty Ltd are a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR No: 295187) of Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd ((the licensee) – AFS Licence No: 240867 - . PO Box 523, Milsons Point, NSW 1565, Phone: +61 2 9806 2000 and 1300 730 073. As a Corporate Authorised Representative of the licensee, Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd and our representatives are authorised to provide advice and deal in general insurance products to wholesale and retail clients. We will do this for you as a broker unless we tell you otherwise. The following lists some of the products our representatives are authorised to provide advice on and deal in:

Motor Vehicle Insurance Products Construction Risk
Personal Accident & Sickness
Home Building & Home Contents
Personal & Domestic Property

Insurance Products
Home Warranty
Property & Liability Risks

How are any commissions, fees or other benefits calculated for providing the financial services?
At the time of issuing this FSG we are unable to provide you with the exact dollar amount of remuneration and/or benefits we may receive in relation to your policies, we will however,
either when the advice is given, or as soon as practicable after, provide retail clients, who have been provided with personal advice, with information disclosing the exact dollar amount of any
remunerations and/or benefits we will receive. This information will be included in a separate Statement of Advice. We may be remunerated in the following ways, or by combination of them:
• An Administration Fee when we finalise your cover which is declared separately on your Tax Invoice, this is based upon the time spent providing you with the services we offer.
• Commission paid by the Insurer for arranging the policy. The commission is included in the premium charged and is based on a percentage of the base premium prior to the additional of various taxes and stamp duties. This covers our expenses for arranging the Insurance and includes a profit component.
The initial and renewal commission are calculated as a percentage of the annual cost of the insurance policy and will be based on the following formula: X = Y% x P In this formula: X = the commission, Y% = the percentage commission paid to us by the insurer, P = the amount you pay for any insurance policy (less any government fees or charges in that amount). The range of commission paid by the insurer is illustrated below and is dependant upon the product type and the insurer and ranges from 0% - 22.5%. Travel Insurance however pays commission of up to 30%.

In the event of a refund or cancellation or adjustment of a policy, we reserve our right to retain our remuneration. When you pay us your premium it will be banked into Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd’s (the licensee’s) trust account. They retain the commission from the premium you pay and remit the balance to the insurer in accordance with our arrangements with the insurer. They will earn interest on the premium while it is in the trust account or they may invest the premium and earn a return. Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd (the licensee) will retain any interest or return on investment earned on the premium.

Our Income/Representative Payments
Under the terms of our Corporate Authorised Representative Agreement with Savill Hicks Corp Pty Ltd all premium payments are made to them and they retain 30% of all commissions and fees received as a Management Fee. The remaining 70% of commissions and fees are paid to our office and we inturn
pay our representatives a salary, and/or a bonus or incentives which are based on a number of factors including achievement of company goals.

Premium Funding
If we arrange premium funding for you we may be paid a commission by the premium funder. We may also charge you a fee (or both). The commission that we are paid by the premium funder is usually calculated as a percentage of your insurance premium (including government fees or changes). If you instruct us to arrange or issue a product, this is when we become entitled to the commission. Our commission rates for premium funding are in the range of 0 to 3%% of funded premium.

When we arrange premium funding for you, you can ask us what commission rates we are paid for
that funding arrangement compared to the other arrangements that were available to you. In addition to this commission payment, we may be entitled to receive an overrider of between 0% - 1.5% of your premium, depending upon the total amount of premium we fund with providers. These overrider payments made be paid directly from the premium funding company or via a profit share split with Steadfast.

We may be entitled to receive additional commissions where we use electronic data interface (Sunrise) to process your policy with certain underwriters ranging from 0 – 2.5%. Where this is the case, for retail clients, where personal advice has been provided, the amount will be included in the commission declared in your SoA.

Profit Share
We may also receive a profit share commission from insurers in the future if a particular portfolio of business reaches a certain level of profitability.

We do not often pay any commissions, fees or benefits to others who refer you to us or refer us to an insurer. If we do, we will pay commissions to those people out of our commission or fees (not
in addition to those amounts), in the range of 0% - 40%.