Contract Works & Liability Insurance

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Contract Works & Liability Insurance

Contract Works and Liability Insurance provides asset protection for one of the largest industries in Australia. This policy class provides two separate products packaged together to provide maximum protection. Our focused, flexible, & fast service will help you protect your business with the best possible insurance protection. Let SHC help you with your Contract Works & Liability Insurance needs. Contact us to discover how SHC can help you with your insurance requirements.

Section 1 - Contract Works Insurance

Contract Works insurance is an insurance policy designed specifically to protect all the construction materials against loss or damage throughout the construction period.  This part of a standard policy covers you for (but not limited to); Fire, Burglary, Malicious Damage, Flood, Storm and Tempest, etc.  However being a client of SHC’s we recognise you require additional covers.  Please note not all Contract Works policies are the same.  Here is just a small example of the additional benefits you receive for no extra cost by buying from SHC:

  • Broader business description to allow a diverse range of activities
  • Extensive additional benefits at no cost (eg, removal of debris)
  • Tools cover anywhere in Australia up to $20,000, discounts if less cover required
  • Policy complies with all standard building contracts
  • Existing property cover available
  • No limitation on vibration or underpinning risks
  • Liability protection on completed work
  • Coverage of completed dwellings pending strata or handover
  • Flexible payment options

Section 2 - Liability Insurance

This section of the policy provides protection for you against any financial lose or exposure to third party property damage and/or third party bodily injury.

In very basic terms this says should you damage or destroy any one else’s property you are covered by this policy.  It also says that should you hurt any person through your actions of building/constructing, you are covered by this policy.  This is an extremely important policy, for if damages are awarded by the court, the judgment can easily strip you of all your assets.

This is the policy where solicitors get excited about, because in a successful award of damages, the results are normally some pretty dizzy numbers.
You would need a very big bank account – or insurance.  Your call.

For more information on Contract Warranty and Liability please download the PDF below "Contract Warranty and Liability Information.pdf"

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“As our construction business grew, we were unsure of the type of coverage we should opt for.  Our SHC counsellor told us about Contract Works & Liability Insurance and it was the perfect solution. It has the coverage we need for a reasonable premium."

"The construction industry can be confusing, and it’s comforting to have the experts at SHC on our side. We always know we have the best coverage at the right price. After so many years of doing business with them, we are very satisfied customers."