Owner Builder Insurance

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Owner Builder Insurance

Why you should obtain your cover through us

SHC has been specialising in insuring Owner Builders for over 20 years. The company is one of Australia’s largest in providing insurance services to the Construction and Trades Industry. Our experience and expertise are second to none. We understand when people decide to owner build it’s that personal touch that is desired to build their dream home.

  • No other website or brokerage in Australia offers you multiple live quotes and can bind them immediately. 2 minutes to get quote and bind – then you automatically receive your paperwork and off you go fully covered. YES its that simple! Alternatively get your quote for your budget and come back later to bind and pay. Click here to visit our owner builders insurance website.
  • Tailor made products focusing on our client’s individual needs and expectations. We offer you Australia’s most comprehensive insurance products available. These products have been specifically designed by SHC to suit the wide ranging needs of Owner Builders. These include multiple cost effective solutions. 
  • Comprehensive website content to fully explain the insurance cover you require. We also highlight the pitfalls associated with not insuring correctly.
  • SHC stays actively involved with Owner Builders from permit through to sale. We have a dedicated claims department to help and assist you with any loss. We remain your advisors throughout the entire period.

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