Directors & Officers Insurance

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Directors & Officers Insurance

What does Directors and Officers Insurance cover?
This policy deals with a number of civil liabilities that directors can incur personally. It covers the directors and their officers against a wrongful act during the period of Insurance in the capacity of their role as a director or officer of the corporation. Wrongful acts can be described as breach of duty, breach of trust, neglect, misleading statements, omission, and breach of warranty or authority.

SHC is here when you need to protect yourself from civil liabilities. Contact us to discover the best solution for your Directors and Officers Insurance needs. We’re here to help when you aren’t sure what cover is right for you. We have experience professionals that can explain the options to you and help you understand what is covered under this type of insurance.

What is excluded from Directors and officers Insurance?
Like all insurance, there are certain exclusions from Directors and Officers Insurance. One of the professionals at SHC will be happy to explain these exclusions to you so you’ll understand how they might affect your business. With the level of personalised service we provide, you be able to get the right cover for your directors and officers.

Exclusions are:

  • Fraudulent, dishonest or criminal acts of the particular director or officer, this does not extend to non fraudulent directors or officers.
  • Fines and penalties as a rule , but increasingly cover is being provided for some defense costs and some fines, refer extensions – Defense Costs are increasingly being Insurable and even Pecuniary penalties where allowed by the court .
  • Known Circumstances, Where circumstances are known at the time of commencement of the policy
  • Certain legal jurisdictions are not recognized like US, policy would not respond to a US court decision.
  • Losses arising out of bodily Injury or property damage – this is covered by other Insurance, mainly legal liability

Increasingly the market are providing broader covers under this class of Insurance.

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