Frequently Asked Questions - Savill Hicks Corp Insurance

IS SHC Australian Owned?

YES, SHC is 100% Australian Owned.

Where are the SHC offices Located?

Please click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page to find the location of your nearest office.

What types of Insurance are offered by SHC?

SHC offer all types of cover including Construction, Liability, Home Warranty, Commercial Motor and many others. Contact our office to obtain quotations.

How long has SHC been operating?

SHC was established in 1993 after initially trading as Savill Hicks & Associates from 1990.

FAQs for Owner Builders

Can I get discounts on my premiums if I combine my Home Warranty and Contract Works & Liability policies?

Yes, I most cases we are able to offer some discount if you combine these products.

How long does the policy go for?

Owner Builder Construction policies last for 12 months or completion of the work, whichever occurs first.

Can the policy be extended?

YES, the policy can be extended. Simply advise our office in writing of the following details;

What will the extension cost me?

Generally the cost of any extension is a pro-rata of the original annual premium. i.e. Annual premium $ 1,000.00. Cost of 6 month extension $ 500.00.

Is there an excess applicable to this policy?

Yes, this information will be noted on the schedule of insurance you received from us.

Are monthly payments available?


Can I get insurance if I have already started my project?

Yes, we have access to one of the only insurers in Australia who will insure partly completed projects.

Do I need Workers Compensation?

Yes, we strongly recommend all owner builders have a workers compensation policy.

FAQs for Trades

Do I need Public & Products Liability Insurance?

YES, all trades people need to have Public & Products Liability.

What does Public & Products Liability Insurance Cover me for?

This policy will cover you for Personal Injury or Property Damage caused to a Third Party as a result of your negligence.

What is the minimum amount of Public & Products Liability Insurance I can purchase?

$ 5,000,000

How much will Public & Products Liability Insurance cost me?

The average price for this cover is between $ 400 & $ 550.

How long does the policy last?

1 Year

Will I be required to complete any paperwork to get Public & Products Liability Insurance?

No, we have a paperless application for this type of cover.

Are monthly instalments available for Public & Products Liability Insurance?

Yes, we can offer monthly instalments. There is the additional cost of a once off administration fee and an interest rate of approximately 8.5%.

Do you offer any other types of Insurance for Tradespersons?

Yes, we can look after all of your insurance needs including Personal Accident & Sickness, Workers Compensation (In most states of Australia), Tools of Trade, and many others.