Moving Insurance

Save on Moving Insurance / Household Removal!

SHC can save you up to 90% over the premiums offered by a Removalist. Let us help you save on your big move. We are Australia's largest broker servicing this industry, we have the expertise, contacts and the cheapest policies.

Moving Insurance

Moving house? Need low cost Insurance for your Household Removal/Goods in Transit?

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Don't get caught paying high insurance premiums through the Removalist! SHC can be up to 90% more price competitive on premiums! That’s right, our premiums can be as low as 10% of the premiums quoted by the removalists.

If you want to save money on your Household Removal Insurance, SHC has an option for you. With the overpriced insurance offered by your Removalist, you’ll want to let SHC help you find the cost effective solution to save you money on your move. When you need the best possible coverage at a fraction of the cost your Removalist might offer, SHC can help.

With our experience, SHC has been able to negotiate an amazing deal with one of the world’s top insurers for our Household Removal Transit Insurance. That means when you let SHC help you find the solution to your insurance needs, you’ll be able to secure the services of one of the top insurers in the world at an amazing rate. After helping  many clients Australia wide with their Household Removal Insurance needs, SHC is ready to give you the personalised service you deserve and demand.

If you’re ready to find the solution, contact or  Call 02 9806 2000 SHC. We make it convenient for you to get the help you need by making our services available online. SHC’s online services make it easy to find the answers to your Household Removal Insurance questions.

What our clients say:

SHC has already helped many businesses and people Australia wide save money, see what some of these customers are saying about their experience with SHC:

“When we were facing an expensive move and an even more expensive Removalist, we weren’t sure how we would manage the cost of Insurance. We opted to get a quote from SHC and discovered that they could save us thousands! Thank you SHC for saving our move!"

"I can’t believe how easy it is to handle Transit & Cargo Insurance issues online with SHC. They make it easy to get the cover you need at a fraction of the cost and save you time in the process. What a great experience to work with SHC!"

"We were moving $100,000 worth of contents in one day, just across the city. The Removalist company wanted to charge us over $3,000 for insurance. We insured it through SHC for only $300! The service was fast, documents even faster and we spent only 3 minutes completing the application.”

“We moved our belongings interstate and hadn’t organised the insurances until the day before. We couldn’t believe how fast we could get cover and how much less the premiums were to what we were previously quoted. Thanks a heap SHC.”

“I asked both our broker and the removalist to quote on the Transit insurance of our contents for our important office move. Not only were the premiums over the top, but the paperwork was massive. Then my secretary found SHC online and we did it in about 5 minutes. Thank you.”

“Unfortunately we had a claim during moving house. Fortunately we were insured through SHC. Extremely fast service and because we followed their advice, the claim was paid in a couple of days after we submitted the forms. We definitely recommend SHC."