Office and Retail Insurance, Premium Funding

Are You In Search of The Best Coverage for Your Office or Retail Business?

SHC has the options you’ll need to ensure your business has the proper Retail Insurance coverage.

Office and Retail Insurance, Premium Funding

If you need insurance for your Office or Retail business, SHC is here to help you find the solution thats right for you. SHC has the cost effective products you’ll need to protect your business. We manage all Office based insurance packs and reward clients with good claims histories with lower premiums. SHC offers the personalised service you need to get the right Retail Insurance for your business. Contact SHC if you’re ready to find the solution to your insurance needs.

With free insurance quotes, you’ll be able to get the answers you need to your questions about insurance coverage. SHC experts are standing by to help you, so call now to get started. SHC offers options for Office Insurance, Retail Insurance, Shop Insurance, Franchise Insurance, Public & Product Liability InsuranceTransit & Cargo Insurance and other Business Insurance to cover anything you might have in mind. Plus, we offer Premium Funding with extremely low rates. When you’re ready to get started, Call 02 9806 2000 now.

Office Insurance

SHC has some of the most cost effective products available in the market. We manage all Office based insurance packs, and give large discounts to clients who are in high rise with good claims history. If you are a low risk of a claim, why be lumped into the pool with all office/business packs and pay higher premiums? You should be rewarded and pay the correct premiums and monthly repayments right? SHC is the broker that delivers on these promises. Join the thousands of clients already managed by SHC and place your Office insurance with us today. More about office insurance


Retail & Shop Insurance

As varied as the industries are under this heading, the insurance provided to each industry is very similar. However, the risks associated with claims differ from one industry to another. The highest risk for a Hardware store is completely different from say a Restaurant. At SHC we completely understand the differences and are able to tailor make your insurances to match your risk of loss. By coupling the best available cover with the lowest premium payable, we have continued to satisfy thousands of our clients. We are able to perform this remarkable feat 7 out of 10 times. So if you are all things retail and shop (very much including Restaurants), place your Retail and Shop insurance with us today. More about retail & shop insurance


Business Insurance

If you somehow do not fit under the banner of Office, Retail or Shop Insurance, you come under the all encompassing banner of Business Insurance. This includes factories, warehouses and storage facilities of every description plus everything else.


Builders and Tradesmen – please see our dedication section for this industry here Builders and Tradesmen. This type of insurance is SHC’s bread and butter. SHC is very familiar and experienced at managing these types of varied risks.


By coupling the best available cover with the lowest premium payable, we have continued to satisfy thousands of our clients. More about business insurance


Franchise Insurance

SHC specialises in managing Franchises. SHC is also instrumental in significantly increasing the revenues of the Franchisors through the sharing of revenue. We have many franchises currently enjoying the experienced and friendly advice of SHC staff. Our strike ratio’s for Franchises are; 9 times out of 10 we can broaden the insurance coverage and reduce premiums for most members. Our special market contacts and insurers are very keen to underwrite Franchises. These type of insurances require expertise and experience in setting up the right programs at the right price. Call us on 02 9806 2000 for more information.


Premium Funding

Even if you need assistance to pay your Premium, we can help. Our Premium Funding packages were created with you in mind. We can even customise your Premium Payment to make sure it works with your budget.  SHC wants to help you succeed by making it easy for you to get the best possible insurance at rates you can afford.  When you’re ready to join the thousands of clients who have already discovered how focused, flexible, & fast we are, Call 02 9806 2000

Our typical Business Pack covers include:

  • Accidental Damage and defined events like Fire, Storm, or Malicious Damage to your buildings, Contents and/or Stock
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Glass breakage
  • Consequential Loss – loss of profits or wages following a claim
  • Computer Breakdown
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Tax Audit
  • Money
  • Transit/Cargo


What our clients say:

Join the many satisfied customers that SHC has already helped. See what some of these customers are saying about their experience with SHC:

“With running a busy restaurant and opening up a new location, I needed an insurance company that could work with my schedule. SHC is there anytime I need them—night or day—to make sure my needs are always met. I am so pleased with the service and can’t imagine any other company being so professional and friendly."

"I am so impressed with the knowledge SHC has about the industry. They were happy to create a specialised plan that would cover all areas of my somewhat unique business and still gave me a great premium. SHC has made me a very happy customer."