Construction Insurance

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Construction Insurance

Sick of shopping around for the best Insurance products? Here at SHC, we offer multiple Insurer options over the phone which can be sent to you within minutes, saving you literally hours following up quotes, comparing products and various telephone conversations.

SHC have negotiated insurance products on your behalf to suite both domestic and commercial builders. Specializing in the construction industry and offering risk solutions for over 20 years has the rewards that we can advise on the pitfalls and subtle differences between Insurer’s policy conditions to ensure you are making the right and educated decision where to spend your money.

Join the thousands of SHC clients who now have peace of mind and are enjoying our expert insurance knowledge and advice in the areas you need the most;

  • Contract Works & Liability
  • Home Warranty
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Business Pack

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What our clients say:

SHC has already helped many businesses Australia wide save money, see what some of these customers are saying about their experience with SHC:

“Since we discovered SHC, our company has enjoyed the incredible savings and the professional service they provide. As our business has grown through the years, the experts at SHC were there to help us find the best solution to our insurance needs. We can’t imagine any other company offering the service you’ll find at SHC!"

"When we were searching for a convenient insurance broker that has the coverage we need, we discovered SHC. For all stages of construction, we have the proper coverage and the professional service we expect. SHC is always there when we need them."